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19th Wonuc Maxi Marathon

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Atoms for Peace 2014

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Wonuc Meeting in USA

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Edito by Philippe Auzière

While COP 21 has just ended, we live a winter abnormally high in temperatures. Climate change, global warming are real. We need to decrease CO2-emissions for the coming generations in order to preserve our marvellous planet. The risks are to increase the climate disasters impacting the populations through dryness or inundations. This is why we can declare that the human beings have an important responsibility to keep this earth where it is good to live. But to live, we need an accessible energy by all, with an acceptable cost, limiting the CO2-emissions

Nuclear power is one of the solution to answer to these requirements  to safe our future. Every day, nuclear workers ensure the electricity production, with a high responsibility regarding the safety and security of nuclear facilities. As president of WONUC, I address my best wishes for this new year 2016, to all the nuclear workers. I give all the credit to women and men working non-stop for the well-being of people and for greater safety chain. 



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